Blue Burro ™ was inspired by Entrepreneur Ivan Flores’ First Mexican Food Restaurant “EL ENCINAL”, named after his Grandparents ranch in Tijuana Baja California Mexico. I child hood dream he had since the 6th grade.

In early 2013 Ivan Flores ended up having to close the doors of the restaurant that he once dreamed about so long. In spite of this, with an attitude of prayer and perseverance and a mentality of never given up, Ivan ended building other successful restaurant brands but always thinking he would one day go back to reopen that restaurant that he once as a child has dreamed of.

In 2019, Blue Burro ™ opened its first location in Long Beach, California. Today, Blue Burro ™ serves up the most delicious Burritos, Shakes, Fries and more. We pride ourselves in having a simple menu with fresh ingredients and a great atmosphere.

We are not just about selling burritos. We are about our team, our Guest and our communities in which he serve.

“Blue Burro brings me back to my childhood when my Grandfather would cook Carne Asada and Tortillas de harina at the ranch with family and friends”.Ivan Flores Founder

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